• Download the Artists Pack (5.1mb PDF) or just the Lion templates (137kb JPG)
  • Complete the Lion templates with your design/s and your name and contact details. One page per design.
  • Scan your Lion designs and save them with your name and design number, ie Jo Bloggs 1, Jo Bloggs 2 etc.
  • Complete online Artist Submission form on this page, which includes the facility to upload your designs from your computer.
  • Click the SEND button.  (NB. If you do not receive an automatic thank you for your submission, please check you have completed every section of the form and re-send.)
  • Designs will be added to the Lion Artists Portfolio for sponsors to select their favourite design/artist. Depending on submission numbers, designs may have to be shortlisted. NB. Not all designs or artists may be chosen to decorate a lion.
  • If selected by a sponsor, you will be informed by the Organisers and a sculpture will be allocated for collection/delivery.
  • We will put the sponsor in touch with you for you to finalise your design and start the creative process..
  • The final lion design/s and your lion's name/s must be emailed to artists@lionsofwindsor.org for approval before decoration takes place, so there is no duplication in the pride.
  • Deadline for delivering decorated lions is 1st July.

Artist Pack - Lions of Windsor 2019 - final (5.1mb PDF)



Please submit your design ASAP, before 22 April 2019


Painting location
Please indicate whether you can work on your Lion in your private studio/home or if you would be prepared to work in a public space in Windsor or nearby, should it become available.

Sponsor designs
Would you be interested in producing a sculpture designed to a commercial sponsor’s specification? Your design may inspire a sponsor to choose you as their artist but they may wish their lion to reflect their business in some way or they have a design idea they would like to develop with a professional artist. Please indicate if you would be happy to work with a sponsor to a specific commission brief.

Are you able to work on your sculpture between April and June/early July?

Lion grooming
Please indicate whether you will be available to make any necessary touch-ups to the sculpture ahead of the auction preview weekend. Touch-ups will need to be made between 28th October and 7th November 2019 (If no, a member of the project team could do this for you)

Recording process
Please indicate if you are able to produce imagery for use on our website, social media, and in marketing materials

If 'Other’ state what:

School Mini-lion cubs
Please indicate if you would you be interested in working with a school, education or community group to help them create their mini-lion design and if you are happy for us to provide your contact details to schools or groups looking to engage with a creative practitioner? Artists will not receive a commission on the sale of mini-lions, so any financial arrangements for their work would need to be made directly with the school or community group.

Artist name
(as it would appear on the lion plaque if your design is chosen (limited to 40 characters, including spaces and punctuation)

Proposed name for your lion
(as it would appear on the lion plaque if your design is chosen (limited to 40 characters, including spaces and punctuation)

Your artistic experience
Please give brief details of relevant experience.

Your inspiration
Please give a description of your lion design. This may be used on the website and in other appropriate promotional materials to give information about the inspiration for your design.

Characters: 0/1500

Your designs (uploads)
Your Lion design submissions must be of a high quality for display purposes and either in jpeg or PDF format. There are printable templates here (137kb PDF). Images/scans should not be larger than 6Mb. If you are unable to reduce the size of your jpeg or PDF to make your email less than 6MB, please send each design submission in a separate email with your application form attached to each email. Please also attach up to 4 examples of your artwork, ideally in the style you plan to use for your lion design.

Please note that sponsors select their artist and design from a portfolio of submitted lion designs, so not all artists will be chosen to decorate a lion.

By checking this acceptance, I agree to all of the terms and conditions. I certify that all statements made in this application are true to the best of my knowledge. I acknowledge that Lions of RBWM CIC is not liable for damage or loss of materials submitted. If you have any questions about these terms and conditions please contact Megan Witty at artists@lionsofwindsor.org

Important: Please be patient after clicking the SEND button – if you've attached several files it may take a few minutes to upload everything to the web server (and we've got an issue with the spinning feedback icon/messages not showing up after you click send). If you do not receive an automatic thank-you email for your submission, or do not get redirected to our thank-you page, please scroll up the page and check you have completed every section of the form (look out for any red messages) and click 'Send' again.

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