A mini-pride of Lion Cubs has been decorated by schools, community groups and charities


In addition to the large lions, the mini-pride of 15 cute lion cubs has been decorated by schools, children's art groups and designers.

Pupils and teachers have loved being part of the creative process. The cubs will take pride of place on the mane sculpture trail across Windsor, Ascot, Old Windsor and Maidenhead from 10th August to 27th October.

Simba was sponsored by Gold Sponsor LEGOLAND Windsor Resort for the Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service and will be displayed alongside their large lion, Legolas, opposite Windsor Castle, at the entrance to Royal Windsor Shopping.

A young visitor to the Lions of Windsor & Maidenhead 2019 media launch braves the showers to inspect the cubs, displayed with their larger counterparts on the Headmaster's lawn at St George's School, Windsor Castle.

The original clay mould for the cub taking place in sculptor Alan Dun's studio near Bath.


The next stage was creating a fibreglass mould of the clay, then producing a fibreglass cub from the mould.  The master cub was then sent to the mane fibreglass factory, which created a master mould from which the cub pride was produced.

The mould was made up of 12 individual parts, which were coated with fibreglass, left to dry, then popped out of the mould and all the pieces joined together.  The joins are then sanded down by hand and then sprayed with a paint primer for artists to paint.  Each cub takes two days to make - a long process, but definitely worth it!


The cute lion cubs will take pride of place around the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead this summer!

Pupils from St George's Ascot painting 'George', which will be displayed outside Ascot Racecourse from 10th August

Pupils from Forest Bridge School in Maidenhead painting LEO, which was kindly sponsored by LEO Pharma for the unique special needs school.

The beautiful 'Blossom', decorated by St Edward's First Catholic School pupils, which will be displayed by The Jelly Lounge in William Street, Windsor

Great artwork from St George's Ascot pupils!



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