From clay...

Sculptor Alan Dun, who created the Owls of Bath 2018, Lions of Bath 2010 and Pigs of Bath 2008 sculptures, amongst many others, made the original lion maquette (small clay model) in his Limpley Stoke studio near Bath.

To Scaling Up...

The next stage was to scale up to create the large lion sculpture.  Various sizes of lion were cut out of MDF and the 1.2m tall and 1.5m long version was chosen. Alan then created a 3D wire frame-work and then sculpted clay around it to create the final lion design.

Breaking the mould...

A fibreglass mould was then made of the full-size clay lion to create the prototype fibreglass lion sculpture, which was then sent off to the GRP factory near Stonehenge.  A master mould was made of the prototype, from which the rest of the pride would be born..

The birth of the Pride

The eye-catching lions are currently being made at the fibreglass factory.  Each lion takes two days to produce from the 10 part mould.  The various body parts are then joined together, sanded down by hand and then primed to create the final smooth canvas for artists to decorate.  Roarsome!





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